On Categorizing the Fucks You Give

When Mark Manson — the author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck — says we shouldn’t give a fuck, he’s not saying that we should be indifferent. 

He defines a “fuck” as a portion of our energy, money, or time, which means that we all have limited fucks to give, and we need to pay close attention to where and to whom we give our fucks.

To illustrate his point, Mark posted the following on Twitter earlier this morning:

“Like a fine wine, our fucks must age into a fine vintage, only uncorked and given on the most special fucking occasions.”

But not all fucks are created equal, no? We wouldn’t, for example, give the same size of fuck to switching career paths as we would to completing a project. And we wouldn’t give the same size of fuck to completing a project as we would to deciding where to go for dinner. Wouldn’t it be helpful, then, to know how to categorize our fucks?

What about micro, mezzo, & macro fucks?

Macros would be the fine, vintage wine for special-occasion fucks. Mezzos would be the mid-shelf wine for every-now-and-then fucks. Micros would be the bottom-of-the-barrel wine for gettin-weird-in-a-back-alley-on-a-Wednesday-night fucks (hey, I’m not judgin — you do you).

Now, in addition to asking ourselves “should I give a fuck about this?” we can also ask “what size fuck does this require?” and “do I have the appropriately-sized fuck to spare?”

P.S. I've never actually read The Subtle Art. For all I know, Mark does say something to this effect, but it was an original thought to me, so I just don't give a fuck — not even a micro one.

P.P.S I am now updating my website, several months after intially publishing this post. Upon re-reading it, I couldn't help but laugh because the definition I used up above, didn't, in fact, come from Mark Manson at all (at least not to my knowledge, anyway). It came from some other author... whose name slips my mind... because I didn't read her book either 😆